Aerobic Septic System Care

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Maintenance Schedule

What to Do How Often
Add chlorine tablets Monthly
Clean air compessor filter Quarterly
Clean water pump filter Yearly
Septic tank inspection Yearly
Septic tank pumping 2-3 Years

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Septic Care Tips

Don't flush inert materials.

Inert Materials will build up as solids and lead to system malfunction, clogging or increased pump-out frequency. (Examples: Plastic, Rubber, Scouring Pads, Dental Floss, Cigarette Filters, Bandages, Hair, Mop Strings, Lint, Rags and Towels, Condoms)

Don't flush certain paper products.

Certain paper products are not designed to dissolve in an on-site treatment system and can lead to system malfunction, back-up or increased pump-out frequency. (Examples: Disposable Diapers, Paper Towels, Baby Wipes, Facial Tissues, Moist Toilet Paper, Excessive Amounts of Toilet Paper, Scented or Quilted Toilet Paper, Feminine Products, Cotton Balls/Swabs)

Limit clear water waste.

The following clear water waste flows can at least disrupt, if not destory your treatment process: A/C Discharge Lines, Floor Drains, Gutters, Whole House Water Treatment Systems, & Sump Pumps.

Use garbage disposal sparingly.

Garbage disposal use should be limited and certain food wastes should never go down the drain. (Examples: Animal Fats, Grease, Coffee Grounds, Citrus Rinds, Egg Shells, Spoiled Dairy Products, Yeasts)

Don't put chemicals down the drain.

Chemicals kill the microbes necessary for proper system function. (Examples: Paint, Paint Thinner, Solvents, Volatile Substances, Medicines/Antibiotics, Drain Cleaners, Automotive Fluids, Fuels, Pesticides/Herbicides/Fertilizers, Metals, Disinfectants/Sanitizers, Bleach, Mop Water)

Follow recommended laundry practices.

Liquid detergents are recommended over powders. Fabric softener sheets are recommended over liquid softeners. Bleach should be used sparingly and at half the rate indicated on the container. Laundry should be spread out over the week, not all run at one time.

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